Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Welcome to the Assessment Centre

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Dear Candidate,
Welcome to this Inbox exercise. I appreciate there is a lot of information to absorb. Please note that this Assessment Center consists of various fictional scenarios and clients.
Your tasks will include the listing of important issues based on background materials, organizing and prioritizing them, and addressing the most pressing issues in the form of an e-mail memo drafted for a senior manager.
The calendar widget is used to communicate deadlines for the tasks and the agenda for the day.
I have sent you a number of emails that will give you a lot of relevant reading. I would like you to use this along with your own experience and judgment to complete the following:
1.      Issue Identification
·         Read the background information and identify what you see as the key issues facing Bowman Gilfillan Africa Group.
·         Please use the “Issue Identification” tab at the bottom of the screen to make your notes and order your thoughts.
·         Give them a label. List (using email subject lines), which emails you feel are most relevant to this issue
·         Indicate each issue's importance (i.e. to what extent will they impact the achievement of our ultimate objectives) and urgency (i.e. how quickly is action required) using a simple 'High, Medium or Low' categorization.
·         Give a short description of the issue and a rationale for your importance and urgency judgments.
·         Please take a broad perspective in your review - do not just limit yourself to your geographical area.

2.      Decision Making
·         Read the background information and identify what you see as the key issues facing BGAG.
·         Choose the three most important issues. For each, specify in detail what you would recommend doing, using what resources or people and by when.
·         Please use the “Decision Making” tab at the bottom of the screen to clearly indicate your decisions and recommended plans of action.

3.      E-Mail Response
·         Using the final tab at the bottom of this screen, draft an email to your manager regarding one of your top three issues, outlining the reasons why you think this issue is important and what you plan to do in the short, medium and long term to address it

Kind Regards,

Ashleigh Hale
Project Sponsor

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